Paul Rowan

Co-Founder & Principal Software Architect

Paul is a software engineer and architect with over 25 years of experience. In his early career, he programmed computer games where he worked on over eight titles published by companies such as MicroProse, Hasbro Interactive, and UbiSoft. He has developed technologies such as 3D graphics engines, physics simulations, and internet deployed virtual meeting and collaboration applications. In this environment, he developed an understanding of software product development as a balancing act between planning, rapid prototyping, the user’s experience, and goals of the business. He has since applied this experience in other domains and he has been successfully building software products from the ground-up at several start-ups and small businesses for the last decade. He was most recently the architect and lead engineer of RxEffect™, a secure web-deployed patient information portal built by RxAnte, Inc. This application aids physicians in the care of patients who are on preventative medication therapies for chronic disease.

At NoviSci, Paul spearheaded the development of its proprietary research and analytic software platform, Causal Studio.

When he’s not dreaming up new ways to solve old problems, Paul enjoys playing guitar, gardening, and spending time with his family.