Andrew Allmon, Dr.PH

Senior Statistician


Drew is a jovial statistician who enjoys bridging the gap between novel statistical methods and real-world health applications. His work has focused on adapting machine learning methodology to preclinical HIV studies as well as analyzing real-world evidence to drive decisions for drug development. He has been involved in studies for a wide array of therapeutic areas including liver cancer, fatty-liver disease, cardiovascular disease, HIV, and pulmonary hypertension.  Prior to Novisci, Drew worked in the pharmaceutical industry for United Therapeutics and UCB and held positions at the UNC Center for AIDS Research.

At Novisci, he concentrates on the design, analysis, and visualization of high-dimensional real-world evidence as well as providing development support when needed.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking Korean food with his wife, playing the double bass, learning new languages, hiking, and trying new foods from any culture.